The Secret Burden: Letting Go of the Shame, Anger, and Guilt of Emotional Eating

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  1. What is self-harm?
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  3. When Someone You Love is Toxic – How to Let Go, Without Guilt
  4. How to Recognize and Overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect

I just dont know where and how to get up and go. I dont know anymore. What a wonderfully inspiring and soulfully captivating article. After reading this I feel more at peace inside of myself, and ready to move on, than I ever have before. And the timing of this I can definitely put down to a Universal Synchronicity… Thank you so much. My husband is crazy. He keeps me from family and friends. Now he wants to keep me from my 1st grandchild. He just lost his son.

What is self-harm?

He has bladder cancer. I cant cope anymore. I set myself free but you have underlined and endorsed that what I did was so correct and right. I cannot thank you enough. I can go to sleep now a very contented and happy person. I have a question. After decades of my Mother abusing me in a toxic relationship and my sister following in her footsteps, the last straw came when my husband and I purchased a house for my parents and sister to live in and they pay the mortgage. My sister brought in her daughter and now my niece brought in a dog. We did not want the dog and my parents told my husband they did not either.

Next day, you know what happened.

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  • My daughter is stealing, hoarding food and secret eating.

My Mother said she never said it and my sister went into her typical toxic rage on my husband. I had told him many times about this but this was his first time experiencing it. I am now done. I am so sad because this does not have to be but it has to for my own mental health.

Is it best to tell them or not? He was very abusive physically, verbally, and mentally as we were growing up as well as cheated on me many of times. I spent my years trying to do my very best on raising my daughters. He stopped being physically abusive for about 10 years now.

However, the verbal abuse still has been on going.

For a couple of years now I do not find interests with him anymore, and would like a peace of mind for the remaining years of my life. I hear him crying in another room whenever we are home. I actually feel sorry for him, which is what he did all our lives together and I fell for it. But now I just want a peace of mind.

What is self harming?

I have an old jeep so it seems that he likes for it to break down on me so that I can ask him to take it to get fixed, because he always took my cars to get fixed. But it seems that since I really want to back off with our relationship my truck is breaking down even more. They are not being supportive. I stood in this relationship because of my girls and not wanting them to not have a dad. The home we live in is only under his name, because his parents signed over the house to him after they took out a huge loan.

I would like some advise. Can you help me with giving me advise? Am I doing wrong? I dont know anyone else to turn to. Am I being selfish?

You aren't at the mercy of your emotions -- your brain creates them - Lisa Feldman Barrett

Here is my humble opinion… you need professional counseling. He gives you a home, and some form of security. I would take that and emotionally detach. Live your own life.

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Find your own hobbies, make new friends, join a group… do new things and become who you want to really be. Practice your own ability to ignore him, and just simply stop trying to make it work and focus on your own happiness. You chose them over yourself. And personally, I think children need parents to think of them, but now that your daughters are old enough to fulfill their own needs, you can take that weight off your shoulders. Be prepared that people will be shocked at the changes you make and whilst their reactions may not be positive — in no way should you be swayed by them.

I just want to say I am so sorry you are going through this and with no support. My heart goes out to you. I have 3 daughters and my 2 oldest have seen how he has treated me and honestly want me to leave despite the years together because they know my health is more important. You are not alone. You are never too old to find someone to treat you right.

Please leave immediately!

When Someone You Love is Toxic – How to Let Go, Without Guilt

I just turned 55 and have been disabled sixteen years. I have left a near 13 year abusive relationship. My own adult daughter that is not his I have come to realize has helped hide all he has done for over a decade. I am currently homeless. They expected me to die from complications of diabetes and starvation.

It has been very hard. I know it will get better in time. It is still better than being with someone who secretly hated me.

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This is the one year anniversary of his first murder attempt. Just today hooked up with DV center to help with housing. Live for yourself there is no guilt in that!

How to Recognize and Overcome Childhood Emotional Neglect

Contact the nearest DV center and start making your exit plan. Good Luck, and Peace be with you all of your days.

For 7 years I loved someone more then myself this showed in how much weight I gained over those years. He constantly made me feel unattractive unloved and unwanted. Strung me along for 7 years knowing he never wanted to be in a relationship.